Food Blog and Review of Uncle Jack’s

Hi people,

I am here today with my first ever good blog and review . It’s about a new Gourmet food place , UNCLE JACK’S with QSR(quick service restraint ) . They had recently invited me to try out their food and review about it ( perks of being a blogger,haha! )
It’s the very first time that a place is doing American food and when I say it’s American , they make sure that they are putting authenticity .
For gourmet foods we often have to go to fancy places but this food joint now is targeting people who don’t want to go to fancy places daily  and can enjoy gourmet food on street without paying much .
Also the concept of the store is very different as they are doing everything eco friendly .
You won’t find lots of posters and printed paper type things in the store as they have a very elegant menu and limited stuff because they don’t want to keep everything and just anything .
They are doing about everything in the glassware , which is a little expensive for them but the joy on the customer’s face is priceless.
Plus they give seeds with everything as in so that they can go home and plant a tree or anything.
They are very new to this industry but will create a niche soon .
I had these amazing food items : 
IMG_1725 copyIMG_1727 copyAmerican Pop Fizz 
Chicago chicken fries
IMG_1755 copyDouble Weiner hotdog

Cake in a jar- Blue Velvet & Chocolate Coffee

Trust me I loved each one of them .
Each item has the authencity of American food .
Photography : Adhyan

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