When Fashion,Make Up and Photography come together 

Hi loves, 

My post for Neet Creations ft. Makeup Artist Harman Kohli and Photographer Vikram Singha ( The Videowala) was something I was really excited about . 

So, for this post I picked up a tie-up khaki top and beige shorts . My accessories included a wooden watch and a few midi rings. A pair of copper gold wedges finished out my look .

Harman showed her creativity by doing a smokey eye make up and a light pink lip with some crimped hair . Vikram did some great photography and worked on making these shots look even more impressive! 

Vikram showed his talent with some great photography skills . 

It was an amazing experience to work with both of them. I can say it was the best team!! 

Outfit Details 

Top : Neet Creations 

Shorts : Zara

Accessories : Just Fashion Spirit ( Insta store ) 

Heels : Chief 19 ( a store in sec 19, Chd ) 


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