Review of handmade soaps by Swarnkrita

Hey guys, I’m here with another lifestyle posts and this time it’s about handmade soaps by Swarnkrita .

So, I thought I would let you know about the approach behind swarnkrita and the soaps themselves.

1. All the soaps are made using the traditional (& better) cold process method.

2. Everything is made from scratch. We see a lot of “pretty” soaps which are in fact made using off-the-shelf soap base or soap-noodles. They might look pretty but many times the soap mixer (not soap-maker) doesn’t have a clue about the ingredients and ratios which give a balanced soap.

3. Swarnkrita’s cold process soaps are cured for four weeks which makes them mild and give long lasting bars.

4. There are NO artificial colors, chemical fragrances, preservatives or other things added to these soaps.

5. Swarnkrita uses pure edible oils like Castor, Coconut, Rice Bran, Olive and pure essential oils which make these soaps mild and best suited for getting a lovely skin. You will notice that skin does not feel dry after using these soaps.

6. The essential oil mix gives benefits of a spa like feel right at home.

7. These soaps are cruelty free. They are not tested on animals. Instead they are tested among family & friends.

8. Free from Chemicals/parabens/sulphates/fillers. All natural and close to nature.
Essential oils uplift our mood and have specific benefits:

Lavender: It is relaxing and stress relieving, anti-inflammatory and helps in a restful sleep.

Ylang Ylang: It is balancing, restful and soothing. Also considered euphoric and an aphrodisiac.

Frankincense: Strengthens the immune system and helps prevent infections and inflammation.

Cinnamon: It is energizing and stimulating.

Vetiver: It is very soothing and cooling and gives a relaxed feel during summers.
I loved using these 3 soaps with all these amazing qualities , I highly recommend you guys to use such organic products . 

Here is the link to their Instagram handle to place your orders :


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