The Conqueror ft. Immortal Tattoos

Hey guys, as most of you guys know by now that I recently got inked . So, Immortal Tattoos and I decided to collaborate for this post . They asked me to think of what I wanted on my body and I thought of getting the word ‘conqueror’ written inside a ‘sword’ that’s what I totally am at heart, a conqueror , having a hard childhood and teenage , from being non accepted to being what I am today , I felt ‘Conqueror’ could just sum me up in a single word . So , Aaryaman Bodh ( Tattoo artist at Immortal Tattos ) and I designed came up with this design . 

I was scared in the beginning but then it was all fine . They aim to work in the most hygienic manner, delivering an excellent tattoo experience. Following complete North American health standards, all the products are top of the line and the quality of work they offer remains unsurpassed.

 I had a great experience and can’t thank them enough for making this special tattoo for me . 

​The very first picture of my tattoo ​and Ofcourse next is the video while I was getting it done!


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