Travel Story : Karnataka + Ooty 

 Hello lovely men and women out there!! I have been wanting to write this blog since long now , but was busy with loads of work and college stuff recently so couldn’t really get the time to write this long piece . 
So, finally today I thought of stealing some time out of my busy schedule and writing my first travel post for you guys . 

So last month I went for a Vacation down south to Karnataka ( including Banglore,Coorg and Mysore) and a little bit of Tamil Nadu ( just Ooty , to be specific) . It was a family vacation and my fam loves hill stations while I am a complete beach bum ( Sob Sob!! Well that doesn’t mean I hate hills , but beach over hills any day ) . 

Day 1 – Banglore

We had our flight late in the afternoon around 4:30pm and reached Bangalore around 7:45pm . We had our stay at the ‘Vidhan Sauda’ (Vidhan Sabha in Banglore ) as one of my relatives is a member of Punjab Vidhan Sabha and being a dignitary she prefers living at government rest house . We had our dinner at the Airport itself cause we got our taxis pretty late and reached Vidhan Sabha around 10pm and the check in and stuff took us time cause of which we went directly to sleep immediately after getting our rooms .

                    Nani,mom and me – 3 generations together 

Day 2 – Banglore

So, day 2 was all about visiting Banglore . I am not really a street kind of person so we visited the Orion Mall and the UB City Mall and did some shopping from the brands that are yet to open their stores in Chandigarh . I loved the UB City mall personally because of the various Cafeteria places located in the back of the mall,you feel like staying there for long . We dined at the Farzi Cafe which had some great food . We also visited the ISKCON Temple,Banglore .It is one of the largest ISKCON temples in the world . As I was wearing a skirt I managed to go in wearing a Dhoti . 

            The ISKCON Temple , Banglore

               Krispy Kreme ,Banglore

                Lunch at Tascano,Orion Mall

    Orion Mall,adjacent to World Trade Centre 

                               UB City Mall

                   Dinner at Farzi Cafe 

Day 3 – Mysore

So, we travelled to Mysore and our way to Mysore we stopped at Malgudi Vattika for brekky .

               Coolest Brother-in-law 

On our way to Mysore we also stopped to see the famous shooting point , Ramadevara Betta Hill where the Bollywood Blockbuster Sholay was shot . 

(Yes the famous 70s Hindi movie ‘Sholay’ was shot here. That’s how this place got famous. Ramagiri hills or Ramadevara Betta is a rocky hill located near the town (3 kms from the main road). You need to climb 400 steps to reach the top! 

The hill has forests and bushes so keep an eye for birds. This area is also important for vultures which are highly endangered. 
There is no place nearby to buy snacks (which is great in my opinion)! Few begging kids (just ignore or pay them,your wish)
There is a temple at the top of the hill. And no fee required. The views from the top are really great and relaxing. So,overall a nice place for a quick weekend visit from Bangalore. )

My next destination was the Mysore Zoo (Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden) ,check out the few pictures here . 

           Meeting our ancestors 😝

The last place I visited in Mysore was the famous Mysore Palace

         It has amazing lighting at night ,thanks to I Phone for this one .

Day 4 – Madikeri ( Coorg ) 

After Mysore ,Coorg was our next destination . Our next stop midway was Golden Temple Monastery . Namdroling Monastery also locally known as the “Golden temple”, situated over a small hill settlement called “Bylakuppe” is one of the largest teaching center of Tibetan Buddhism in the world near KushalNagar, Madikeri in Karnataka. 

We reached Coorg quite late and as we all were already tired we had dinner and slept .   . So ,We stopped on our way for this adventurous Off Roading at Mandalpatti . It was a wonderful ride to the top of Nishani Hills . The weather was chilly . 

The driver and the view 

                                   famAt the top of the Hill with Nanu (maternal grandfather ) and Jiju (bro-in-law)

Next destination was Abbi Falls .

Then we travelled from Coorg to Ooty which was a crazy long drive , we checked into the hotel after the clock had struck midnight 12 (tired as hell )  . But I managed to capture these scenic pictures on my way for you guys . 

Day 5 – Ooty

We got up late next day cause of the super tiring journey and firstly visited one of the Tea plantations in Ooty while on our way to Coonor 

We also spent some quality time at the Doddabetta Peak . 

Next destination was the Ooty Lake . 

After doing all this in Coonor , we wanted to travel back to Ooty through the famous toy train there . 

So,the same night we travelled back to Banglore as we had our flights next morning . It was a fun family trip ,now am just eagerly waiting to put up my next travel story . 

Until then enjoy this one . 

Hope you guys like it . ❤️

Love and power to all of you . 


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